Computer Problems? Get them fixed online remotely – fast, easy, secure!

Pay as you go Remote PC Support available in Bexhill and nationwide

Our remote PC support service operates just like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You buy credits for remote PC support in units of 30 minutes, and can then use the remote PC support service charged per minute as and when you need it through arranging an appointment time. Credits for our remote PC support never run out, and you can top-up your account whenever you want.  This provides for the ultimate in flexible, affordable remote technical support. Our Remote PC Support service is carried out by a qualified computer technician over a secure encrypted connection.

Our Remote PC Repair service is available to purchase online instantly.

The Advantages of Remote PC Support

  • Fast
    Fix your problems quickly and efficiently, with the majority of issues solved in the same session by a qualified computer technician.
  • Cost Effective
    As an on-site visit is avoided, the costs associated with support are minimised as you only pay by minute and any unused credits are stored for your future use of our remote PC support service.
  • Available to all
    Assuming you have a working internet connection, and are running Microsoft Windows 7 or later, or MacOS, remote support is available to you anywhere in the world.

What can Remote PC support help with ?

All sorts of computer problems. Here are just a few of the services that we can provide with our remote pc repair service:

● System Tune-up & Routine Maintenance to speed up PC
● Configure & assist with setting for Email / Internet / Microsoft Office
● Locate and remove running viruses
● Identify and eliminate spyware applications
● Install new software programs on your computer
● Help with system or program settings
● Software upgrades & patches
● Help with hardware installation / configuration
● Solve windows errors & computer glitches
● Troubleshooting
● Assist with your printer or other peripheral devices
● Teach you the best way to maintain your computer
● Increase the security of your Internet connection
● Internet optimization
● Tuition & General PC advice
● And much more!

What are Remote PC support limitations ?

There are some issues that remote support is unable to fix and an onsite visit would be necessary, for example :

  • Network / Internet connection problems – as the service relies on a working internet connection, this type of problem cannot be solved using our web-based remote support.
  • Hardware problems – routers / memory etc – physical hardware problems that cause the machine not to startup or affect its internet connection again will require an onsite visit. (Though we may be able to diagnose if the problem is hardware related)

How to sign up to Remote PC Support Service

Using our PC Remote Repair service is easy. Just sign up to our Remote Support service securely using Paypal. You will then receive an email with instructions & a link to download the software. You can then contact us to arrange a convenient time to allocate your Remote PC Repair session.

1 Signup

After signing up to our Remote PC Support service, you will receive an email with full instructions and details about your account and the service, and full details on the methods of requesting remote PC support. You will also be sent a link to download the free Remote PC Support software to your desktop.

2 Request Help

Once you’ve signed up, you can request our remote help by a number of methods to arrange an appointment for your remote assistance session. Once a convenient time has been allocated to your request, you just need to run the Remote PC Support software at the appropriate time.

3 Connection

After you run the remote assistance software, just double left click the text in the left-hand box of the support window and a request will be sent securely to a qualified computer technician to complete the secure connection and the remote PC repair session can begin. You can end the session at any time. Remember, during this process, nothing is permanently installed on your computer.

4 Remote PC Control

From here, and only with your permission, we can take control of your PC and help solve your problem. You still have control of your computer and can stop the remote support session whenever you want. If during the process it is necessary to restart your computer, we can remotely restart and reconnect to your machine. Once the session is complete, you will receive an email detailing the work carried out in the session and how many credits you have remaining.

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Frequent Questions

 Security –  All communications between us and you are encrypted. All sessions are initiated by and completely under your control – you choose what level of control we have and can stop the session at any time. No software is installed permanently on your machine – the software is temporarily downloaded to enable us to access your machine, and is removed after each session. We can’t access your machine without your express permission.

 Speed – The software is web based, and is available anywhere on demand. It’s a small download, and will be ready usually within 30 seconds of an accepted session request. You don’t need to have special permissions on your machine to enable the software to run, and it’s compatible with most firewalls and routers, so there shouldn’t be any complex configuration required.

 Compatibility – Available to PC users, running an English version of Windows 7 or later, or an Apple Mac running MacOS. 

Do you provide support to businesses?
Yes, and in most cases, we are able to connect to your computer system even if you have behind a corporate firewall. Our remote PC repair & support services are available to both residential and business customers.

Does this mean that you can always connect to my computer?
Not at all. You actually connect to us as the service works in reverse. You run the connection software which connects your PC with a technician. When the support session is complete, the connection software closes the connection automatically. We can only reconnect if you run the remote PC repair connection software again.

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