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Quick General Computer Tips

When using your mouse, try right clicking to get to menus on information.

If computer will not shut off, hold in power key. After about 10 seconds this will cause the computer to shut off.

Windows XP has a recovery point you can set before installing software or trying something that may cause problems afterwards. You can then restore your computer to an earlier time if you encounter problems quickly and easily.

When surfing the web, Use Ctrl + F to find words or numbers on web page if you are searching for something specific.

Right click a picture on the web, go to "save as" and most of the time you can save that photo to your hard drive.

Right click that same photo and go to "set as background" will change your desktop picture to that photo.

Create a backup system for things on your computer that you would be devastated if lost and then make sure you back them up regularly! Don't wait until it is too late! Contact us to help setup a backup method to suit you.

Update your antivirus every week. But make sure you do a system scan at least once a month. Weekly if you are a business. If you do not own an Antivirus you might as well leave your front door open to anyone who walks buy at any time of the day.

If your concerned about protecting your data, get a Firewall.

If you do a lot of surfing and filling out forms on different websites, set up a free email account to get all the junk mail... Clean it out once a week.

Only use your main email for friends and family as well as Important business.

Surfing the net and want to get to the end of the or bottom of web page? Just hit the "end", and it takes you to the bottom, "home" Brings you back to the top!

Made an online order, and want to save the receipt page? Go to File and save as, then put the web page in a folder on your hard drive for future reference.

Want to improve performance of your internet surfing or computer in general? Add more memory or have an SSD drive fitted! Contact us if you need advice on fitting it and obtaining the correct type.

You can set items to automatically run at a certain time of day with Windows Utilities.

Antivirus scans should run daily or once a week and update automatically .

Spyware Removal Program should be run daily until you find what sites are infecting your system.

Spyware can put all sorts of bad programs and other dubious info that people surfing the web will be sent to your computer' when they look to download programs, fill out scams, and before mentioned; furthermore, you will not even see it going on...

Be careful with File sharing programs. They are notorious for Spyware and using your computer as a host system while online. Also a lot of files you may think you are downloading contain viruses or are not what they are described as and may damage your data / computer stability.

More Tips and advice to be added regularly!

Comptia A+ Certified Technician (Computing Technology Industry Association)

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